I have a cat (9 years old) who has anal sac problems

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January 22' she had one rupture and the vet cleaned it out. We got oral antibiotics and cream to put on the wound.

She had another one this last December.

This time she got a shot of antibiotic (supposed to last 14 days) but this time it did not fully heal. We have been back 2 more times for this same sac.

Each time just a injection of antibiotic. Right now it's still not healed.

She wears a cone at all times as to not lick it. So far it's been 8 weeks and 3 injections of antibiotics) We have also changed her food a few times and give her probiotic daily.

The last time she went to the vet they told us she should have the sacs removed but they don't do that there. Personally I don't think the injection antibiotics are working.

Is there something else I can ask them to do to clear up the infection until I can get her evaluated for surgery?

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Perhaps situation needs stronger antibiotics?, my guess. They're saying one sac is no good?

Probiotic daily!! Thats ALLOT of probiotics!! Talk to someone else in clinic that you CAN talk to...

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Maybe get a culture of the area to see what antibiotic needs to be used. Sometimes they prescribe the ones they think will help heal it up from experience but sometimes it isn’t always so straight forward.

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My cat has issues with her anal sac rupturing. It ruptured 3 times all 6 weeks apart. My vet just removed it and she had been fine ever since. I suggest getting it removed as soon as possible.
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