My beautiful Maine Coon mix, 4yrs old, was just diagnosed with "stomitis" ulcers in the mouth

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.. It is a genetic, inflammatory disease. He is not in pain but it will get worse, he won't be able to eat.

Vet DDS says pull  teeth,

4,000. Reg dds won't touch him


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I was told it is always recommended to remove all the teeth for stomatitis. However it is often misdiagnosed so it is also recommended to go to a specialist that is approved, assuming you're in the US, by the American Veterinary Dental Association. There is a group specifically for cats with stomatitis that has a lot of helpful information. Sometimes even with the surgery it doesn't get better but it is your best chance.

Good luck..

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Sorry to disagree but stomatitis in cats is actually very painful. Hopefully your cat is in the early stages so isn’t suffering too much. It’s an immune response but the cause isn’t fully understood. Sometimes you can remove some of the teeth and that helps but you might pull some and then have to go back and remove the rest so the recommended treatment is to just remove them all.
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