My Senegal parrot broke his wing about a week ago

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.. He has been x rayed and a splint put on while we wait for a avian vet apt on Monday... however the darn little guy keeps chewing the splint and I am taking him back to emergency every 3 days or so when it becomes undone.

Question: is there something I can use to help deter him from chewing the vet wrap? I'm hesitant to put a sock on him in case it's too tight or cuts circulation. Do they make bird cones? We are putting little tabs on the vet wrap as a deterrent but that doesn't last long with his sharp beak lol

Has anyone had this type of injury in their bird and if so what was recovery, treatment and long term issues that may arise. What changes did you make to the home to accommodate?

I drive trucks for a living and I am taking him to work (which he likes) to keep a strict eye on him but he does the most chewing at night even though I wake up every 4 hrs for his meds/check up, he is ripping it up quickly and pulling the wing out of place.

It is getting very costly, which I'll do anything to help him... but we still don't know if the wing needs to be amputated and that will be a huge cost. Plus every sedation is a big risk which I'd like to minimize.

FYI - radius and ulna broke on left wing. We think he fell due to age (unknown) or vitamin deficiency (being treated for also).

TIA and have a good weekend!

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I work with parrots and though cones are used to keep from plucking they work great to keep them from injuries we have cloth cones for my quaker parrot as hes a plucked and it takes some getting used to but it works.

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Lots of distractions mirrors noise makers tasty treats toys.
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