Our 10 month old blue nose has two ACL injuries

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We will be getting the operation eventually however since he is not full grown yet we don't feel comfortable with it yet.

I would like experiences and knowledge on chiro, acupuncture, red light therapy, types of braces, supplements.

He 75 lbs currently. We have pain meds and anti inflammatories.

We switched him to joint food vet approved.

Please and Thank you for your time.

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I would get the surgery done. Sooner he heals the better.

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Has he torn the cruciates or just injured them? I’d be worried about waiting because the longer you wait the more scar tissue can form. At 10 months he’s pretty much fully grown and you’ve said the waiting list is 3-6 months so I’d join the list now.

In the meantime, I’d avoid braces unless you get them specially made for him, generic ones don’t fit properly and often do more harm than good. Dont think chiro would do any good either. I’ve heard good things about laser therapy but admittedly don’t know enough about it to say it would definitely work. Hydrotherapy would be a good option, they have centres especially for animals but I’m not sure if there is one near where you live. Pain meds, anti inflammatories and rest are important in these injuries

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Depends if they are partial or full tears.
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