Please may I ask if anyone has painted dark furniture white

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I would like a high gloss white. Not sure if it will come out looking good, The outdated greeb suede wall, will be painted in Lexicon.

Thank you, in advance


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I have painted my bed a light grey and the frame was darker than this! Turned out beautifully.

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Lots have. Unsure of this group specifically but in a furniture group I'm in certainly have. High gloss is not usually used, rather semi gloss, gives a nice sheen and more on point with newer styles, although everyone's taste is different, so follow what resonates most for you.

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If you are painting dark furniture make sure you use a sealer first or the dark will keep showing through. It will look lovely when you do it.

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Your furniture looks perfect for painting. Ensure you do all the right preparation - sanding, priming etc. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

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Not a fan of high gloss especially with colonial style furniture. We used low sheen aqua enamel for our similar furniture.

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