Do people think black chairs should stay or paint them white?

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Hi all, I have moved to my family’s farmhouse to care for my elderly mother (she has a lovely area for herself).

So I am renovating and restoring as much as I can of her existing furniture, and I already had my white lounges. In my sunroom there is a black cane table and chairs and I have put on a white tablecloth but had intended to paint the set white.

However I trialled white chairs and now I am undecided.

Pics show white chairs and black chairs and view of the sunroom.

The other pics are to show the attached rooms and the white and blue theme. Do people think black chairs should stay or paint them white?


Post by Carolyn »

I love them black! And what a wonderful daughter you are to care for your Mother.

Post by Cheryl »

white chairs will lighten everything up beautifully. what a beautiful place you have to work with and how lovely the large windows and amazing views are.

Post by Helen »

I like the chairs black.

Post by Leanne »

Both look nice but I prefer the white. It goes with your look and lightens the space. What a lovely place it is. Well done for looking after your mum and lovely you’ve got some projects to do also. Make sure you put up progress photos.

Post by Jennifer »

Have you considered painting the wall panelling white or a light shade? I think that would brighten the room considerably and then perhaps leave the chairs black as a contrast.

Post by Sandra »

I like the black but not only for the look but the practicality of the chairs, the white chairs are more formal looking whereas the black ones look more inviting and relaxing, you can sort of lean back and relax whereas you can't with the white ones and that area looks like it was made to relax in, also the black chairs are so much easier to to pull in when you sit at the table, ( I am nearly 80 ) my daughter had chairs like this and I couldn't pull them in when I sat down but if they had arms on them it would have been fine, I also notice you have a rug under the setting and those white chairs will most likely catch on the rug and drag it out of place because you can't really lift them to pull them in.

You can always paint the black chairs white if you really want white but really, either is lovely in that style of chair.

Post by Margo »

I prefer the black cane chairs to be painted white it goes better with the rest of the furniture, or how about bringing the soft blue into that room to flow with the lounge room. The lounge kitchen look fab. Maybe some soft touches of cushions, lamp, and other bits of blue then it will all flow from one room to the other. You could paint the cane chairs in that soft blue. What a beautiful thing you’re doing for your mum darling. Good luck.

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