I am thinking to paint the house in nature warm white, but not too creamy

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Should I use vivid white on the wall and nature white on the doors and ceiling?

Or the other way around, ie nature white on the wall but vivid white on ceiling and doors?


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Dulux warm whites that we have used are Natural white and whisper white. Vivid white is untinted so is a crisp white. Vivid white could be done on the doors if you want some contrast of a crisper white trim and doors compared to walls. Otherwise you can do walls, doors, trims all the same.

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Simplify ceiling white obviously for ceiling, wall colour and woodwork same as wall colour. The woodwork always blends however looks different on wood. I think you want a flow not a pop out on woodwork. I have natural white do not use full gloss.

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I did natural white on ceilings, cornice, walls and trims in vivid white. I am very happy with the look. Another option is to do everything in the same colour, or perhaps half strength on the trims. This can make rooms look larger because your eye is not picking up the colour difference on skirts etc. and it makes it easier for the painter, (partner)! Natural white is a lovely warm white and not too creamy. Also doing everything the same colour, there will be no comparison re creaminess.

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We picked casper white quarter for the walls and vivid white for the celing, skirtings and trims. Casper white is a neutral white with a warm tone.

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