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Hi all, I asked for advice on a couch colour before and thanks to all the advice we ended up deciding on blue. We’re super happy with the colour!

Any advice on how to style it though? Might get a different throw, what would suit?


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More cushions, a standing floor lamp nearby and some wall round wall art. Coffee table, maybe even a lighter rug - jute is always good with darker furniture.

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Definitely a different throw. Maybe some larger neutral cushions with a splash of blue, that have texture.

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It’s about balance. The pink doesn’t balance with anything. Pick up
The floor rug colours or the different blues in your cushions. Soft blue , grey , brown , white fancy blanket.

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Don’t use shades of blue on blue. Use beige and neutrals and textured patterns to give it a cleaner look and have a bit of fun with a pattern and splash of colour on the rug. Enjoy curling up on your couch and likely having your best sleep!

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Love your lounge BUT...
Rug too dark ,a nice beige/ cream and the same colour Beige/ cream cushions, think some artwork on the wall with the same colour blue of your lounge would be perfect.

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