I am currently trying to decide whether our 2 x 600mm ovens are going to be under bench or wall…

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I like the practicality of wall ovens but it will come down to aesthetics.

We have a l-shaped kitchen with same layout as this pic but will have fridge cavity next to garage door and incorporate some wood shelves and glass doors up top.

Can anyone share with me their kitchens with wall ovens, I’m so undecided.

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Excuse the crappy lighting, I LOVE our wall ovens and I think they look fabulous. So easy to get things in and out of and to clean. Check out Neff, the oven door slides underneath for easy access. Our last oven was a 90 cm Smeg that I almost had to get on the floor to get trays out of.

Lin Da

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Practical over aesthetics!

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