My site traffic suddenly dropped to almost Zero

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After 2nd August my site traffic suddenly dropped to almost Zero, my site has Amazon Affiliate Link.

Anybody can face the same issue and suggestions to improve.

Please support here


Post by Muhammad »

Happened to a lot of people.. not your fault, its Google fault.. but yeah , we can't do much except wait for google to fix it..

Same happened on may 2022 update as well

Post by Anthony »

Could be algo penalty. Make sure pages aren't over optimized and also check all your backlink anchor text and make sure you have close to zero exact match links

Post by Sean »

What type of content? AI generated? Nothing but little product pages with links?

Blog content?

Post by Sadaqat »

Check your content and pattern your site may be penalizied

Post by Stefan »

It coincides with Google's July Product Update. Not much you can do other than getting powerful links and changing your entire site's structure to rely less on Affiliate pages. But that could take months of work. Or you can start hoping that with the next algorithm change they'll give you your traffic back like thousands of other website owners

Post by Dorron »

Too general to make an assessment:
  • Check if you received a manual action.
  • Check if someone accidentally clicked the discourage search engines from indexing (if WordPress) check your robots.txt.
  • Check your site speed, try to submit for a crawl on a page and post any warnings.
There is a full process for identifying the causes simply posting my traffic is gone won't help.
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