Looking for creative, space saving, ideas for growing strawberries inside the GH, without sacrificing floor space

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Zone 7A Virginia. I'd be happy to just get a couple cups/week.

I can't keep up with the squirrels and chipmunks raiding my raised bed... So I'm considering an experiment to try them in the greenhouse, maybe in a series of small pots, or hanging planters, or a couple sections of gutter? Crazy idea?

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I came across strawberries in gutters when I was searching Pinterest. It looked like an interesting idea. Hanging baskets would be great, too. I had to make a cage to place over my raised beds to keep Thumper and his friends out.

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I did a hanging basket with them coming out of the top and the bottom of the planter. Worked well.

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I grow strawberries in my greenhouse for the same reason… I’m using hanging baskets. However, if you put your hanging baskets under your roof vent the squirrels and/or chipmunks will use it to access your greenhouse! It was pretty cute (except for the single bite out of every fruit) kinda like a chipmunk habitrail. I had to move my hanging baskets to a shelf.

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I am looking at buying a green stalk planter for strawberries.
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