I am still in the planning phase of a greenhouse

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.. I am looking for information from those of you that have greenhouses, especially those in northern climates. I am hoping to build a 12'X20' wood structure. How much ventilation is necessary and where are the best places to place vents and fans?

Thanks in advance for your input!

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I am zone 4 in Central Wisconsin. I currently do not use my greenhouse from plants during December-Jan, or June-August, simply because of the heat and cold. We have three roof vents that open to let the heat out when it gets too hot. However, those have proven unreliable, so we are in the process of putting fans in above each end door to provide some cross ventilation when it gets too hot. Doors face east and west. The fans will be set to kick in when it reaches 85-90 degrees.

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I am zone 8b, north of Seattle. My greenhouse is 10x12. I have 1 large exhaust fan on the north side and 2 large intake vents on the south end. Plus my door is like a screen door and I can open the bottom half window. I have to use a shade cloth in the summer for cooling too. My system works by thermostat. Hope that helps…
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