Has anyone gotten the harbor freight greenhouse and lives in windy area?

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I’m looking for ideas on how to anchor.

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Save your $$$

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Save your money, by the time and money it takes to make a wooden skeleton inside for reinforcements your money ahead to build a stick one! I’ve had mine going on 3 years and already replaced almost all the roofing panels due to deterioration and had a wind storm that blew my doors in the next county, I replaced them with a patio sliding screen door.

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Had a 6x8’ HF for several years. Screwed to a base of 6x6 pressure treated timbers. Three lengths of aircraft cable over the top and through the ridge beam anchored to the 6x6’s. Ditched the HF clips and self tapping screwed polycarbonate to the frame with strips of aluminum on the outside. Filled the 6x6 foundation with crushed stone. Survived Kansas for years but still not the best. Here’s the two I built since. Not going anywhere.
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