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I’m arriving on a weekday in Mid-June on a red eye at 6:30 AM at EWR, and have a BnB arranged in Inwood with a noon check in. If MTA ever sends it, I will have a Senior Metro Card. I’m much more familiar with the subways than the bus lines, and haven’t been to NYC since 2019, but grew up there.

I’m looking for ideas to spend a 3-5 hour gap. I’ll be taking the bus and PATH into Manhattan, so can go to Battery Park or 33rd St. and will start by finding breakfast.  Finally, I’ll be pulling a small carry-on.

My quandary is that little seems to be open early except food. I certainly can cross the river, wander around Battery Park, eat, and go to NMAI which opens at 10. Or reverse commute on the Staten Island Ferry to pass an hour. Or just go uptown to be nearby the BnB and eat, preferably near the 1/A trains. But even The Cloisters open at 10.

I’m not enthused about traveling during commuter hours, but can’t get around that.  I’m hopeful someone here can suggest interesting offbeat places to eat, wander and relax near where the PATH drops me, or near Dykman St, while waiting for room access and a nap before dinner.

Thank you!

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Why don’t you take the Airtrain from airport to Newark to take the NJ transit train to NY Penn station then subway to Inwood. You would not need to take the Path.

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If it were me, I would opt for 33rd St. and head up toward Central Park. Plenty to see, and good pathways for the suitcase. Depending on the day of the week, you could visit a greenmarket, they usually are up and running by 8AM. I would also look for an audio tour that you can download. There are definitely good options out there, and it would be ideal to do a self-guided walking tour early in the morning when the world is a little quieter, and fun way to learn more about the city.

You could visit St. Patrick's cathedral (opens at 6:30AM), Grand Central Station (opens at 6AM), take a tour at the UN (opens at 9AM), or go to the Top of the Rock (opens at 9AM). Bryant Park is a nice place to sit and enjoy people watching. I don't have any food suggestions, since I mostly spend time in Brooklyn.

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I don't know what to suggest but you sound EXACTLY like the kind of wanderer I am. I lived up in Ithaca for a couple years and miss visiting the city.. I'm single, live in WA state and have been hopping around SE Asia cause its CHEAP. If you know of an inexpensive room in NYC could you share that info with me somehow ? I love to travel and I use public transport , eat street food, go to local markets....frugal so I can afford to do what I want
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