Yelapa - stunningly beautiful coastal village in Jalisco, Mexico

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Yelapa is a stunningly beautiful coastal village in Jalisco, Mexico, located just south of Puerto Vallarta. Nestled between lush jungles and white sand beaches, Yelapa offers breathtaking views of the sparkling Pacific Ocean.

Visitors can explore miles of pristine coastline on foot or by boat, go swimming or snorkeling in the warm tropical waters, take leisurely strolls through colorful markets filled with local crafts and food vendors, and enjoy some delicious Mexican cuisine from one of many beachside restaurants.

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Just don’t arrive there when the crabs are mating. The entire beach is moving with crabs and the only beach hotel at that time (15 yrs ago) had crabs on the walkways, stairs, in the sink, shower, floor, suitcases, window sills along with surrounding you as you sleep as they hang from the mosquito nets. It was frightful. Two day terrifying event, I no longer eat crab. But other than that amazing. The city behind the wall was one of the coolest places we visited on our many Mexican excursions.

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We loved it! We hiked to many of the waterfalls!

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Did you take a water taxi from boca or did your host arrange a different transfer? We have stayed in boca but on hiked south not going all the way to yelapa.

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We had a few hour stop there on a tour while in Puerto Vallarta. Definitely not enough time, so we’ve put it on our bucket list.

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Loved yelapa! And hiking the 6 secret beaches along the same coastal area.
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