We are spending 3 days in Paris (pre-cruise on AMA Kristina)

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.. and have some bus tours morning and evening illumination already included. My husband can’t walk very far due to an accident years ago, so we plan to bring a travel wheelchair.

Question: Any recommendations (besides HOHO bus?

He’s not a museum person, so I’m thinking Louve is out but how about Eiffel Tower or Seine cruise or just going around the streets near the hotel for bakery, cheeses, etc.? Doable? Versailles?

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I can't say I'd recommend either the Eiffel Tower or Versailles in a wheelchair. The ET has some accomodations, but you cannot access the upper level in a wheelchair. The upper level is push and shove crowded so even if your husband can stand there, it would be difficult. Versailles is so crowded that you are absolutely crushed inside! There are some steps inside as well. The grounds at both places are amazing and maybe worth going just for that.

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I agree with Susan. The Seine River tour would be great, but he may have to walk down the steps from the street level to the boat dock area. I have done this twice and I cannot remember is there is a ramp or not.

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Go to one of the food markets. Sit. Grab food. Grab drinks and people watch. Lots of experiences in a small area.

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We did the Seine cruise...long wait to get onto the boat. We stood around waiting to get on the boat for over an hour but it was soo worth it. We did it near sunset and were able to watch the Eiffel Tower light up.
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