Are there any beach areas in the US warm enough to swim in mid-February?

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Every help will be appreciated; Thanks in advance.

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Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, American Samoa.

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I live in south Florida and it’s been in the high 80s all week. We don’t seem to participate in winter.

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South Florida on the gulf side.

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Ended up in miami/key west during a polar vortex. Was low 60s there. No beach swimming. Been to clearwater 3x in january and never has been warm for swimming. Maybe a beach day but not swimming.

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Not really. Not continental US. You’d need to go to Puerto Rico, USVI, or Hawaii really. Florida’s beaches will be pretty chilly, but still swimmable if you don’t mind colder water, I guess.

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Another vote for Puerto Rico - it's delightful in Feb, and because it's domestic you don't have the international taxes that you pay on flights elsewhere in the Caribbean. Lots of connections through Miami.

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Would not recommend southwest Florida to go into ANY beach water. Maybe Miami or east coast side is better. SW FL had a hurricane that was basically cat 5 only a few months ago. Anything south of Sarasota probably has red tide and that can cause health problems just breathing in the air.

Source: family lives southwest Florida.

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I saw an article recently about the folks who swim laps in San Francisco Bay year round... two camps; the folks who use wetsuits and the others who hold wetsuit users in disdain!!! Not recommended for the weak of heart, though! The water is in the low 50sF year round.
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