One quick question in regards to liquids on planes

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Hi everyone.. Hope you’re having a great time!!

One quick question in regards to liquids on planes.. I’m planning on traveling with carry-in only but also have to pack for 6 months..

I will buy most of the liquids over there but have read multiple posts that one should stock up on sunscreen..

If I’m bringing multiple sunscreens for 6 months I unfortunately will be over my one zip log bag of liquids. Therefore wondering what you would recommend? Are airlines in Asia checking carry-on for liquids even?

Thanks so much in advance.

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Yes they check liquids, we accidentally left suncream in our day pack and got it taken off us.

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You can buy sunscreen everywhere over here just make sure it doesn't have whitening in it. Anything saying "bright" "whitening" etc but there's lots of other stuff just a little more expensive sometimes but not crazy expensive.

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I would suggest leaving out some of the other liquids instead and bringing sunscreen. It is expensive here and often has skin whitening Ingredients in it. Honestly quite expensive.

In bali so far. You can find most anything else here, serums face washes and lotions. They have CeraVe, they have a Sephora, Nivia, ECT.

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Unfortunately, my wife left a few such items as you describe in her cabin luggage.

It soon got re examined and yes it was taken out...

But it was over the 100mil limitations.
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