What happens when you use Rank Math "How-To Schema" twice in a post?

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A question stuck in my mind... What happens when you use Rank Math"How-To Schema" twice in a post?

It's said it's advisable to only use it once, but it's possible to use it twice.

What are the cons of using it twice?

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Let me give 15 years worth of advice. Rank math will do the very basics and well. Bhanu puts a lot of effort for his plug-in and keeps it up to date with new features such as the new product review schema.For you basic website as a single entity with services and blog it's great or basic ecom. Now with that said yes having hard coded schema is the absolute best but for some it's overkill or 80/20.

The other issue is dependency on plugins but since rank math is all in one it's impact is minimized. Test your options and track errors in GSC...

It's an enhancement so errors won't hurt you as long as they are corrected. Also some schema errors are optional and cannot be integrated with some themes and or plugins so if you get an optional error it's OK.

However if that serp feature is important this is why you should have schema professionally hard coded...

It's extremely complicated.

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Okay so let me actually answer your question instead of .... So the answer is no you don't want two different how to's on a single post. Unless you're trying to make one post rank for two different kind of topics which I would never do personally. The how to schema deployment would be like adding the final touch to a perfectly optimized blog post. Now that is not to say you can't have more than one kind of schema on a single post. You can have multiple kinds of schema but don't have multiple of the same version. The reason is obvious you're going to confuse search engines it is there for best to singularly focus your topic.

One thing you can do is have two different how to's described if you want and only one has schema. Then you create another post specifically for the one how to you don't have it for and then use hyperlinks to connect them. This would be blog post cluster construction and is very powerful in how you should be doing things anyway. There's a little more to what I'm saying here but that's the general idea...
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