Do hotels (budget) give towels?

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Very random question but do hotels (budget) give towels? I’ve bought a microfibre towel but wondering if I should take two.


Post by Roya »

My experience is that in backpacking hostels they do not always have towels but if you ask nice they will normally give you one.

Post by Anthony »

I’d be surprised if any of them don’t these days… there have been some on occasion (hostels) that have taken a deposit to provide a towel, but as long as you return it you’ll be refunded. I’d still bring your microfibre one if it’s not taking up room as you might find yourself last minute deciding to go somewhere that’ll get a bit wet (waterfalls, jungle hikes, etc).

Post by Scotty »

No & only take 1 special quick dry towel that you can also use at the beach, don't overpack. Internet search for towel I mean.

Post by Mathew »

Been traveling across the world for 15+ months and have only not gotten a towel in a hostel dorm rooms. Private rooms in hostels sometimes don't give you one either but all hotels and guest houses have. Just bring one for the beach or the odd chance you don't get one.

Lots of budget hotels supply everything but won't clean or make up your room unless you.ask
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