Can anyone recommend what size backpack to bring for about a 4 month trip?

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Hi all, I have recently bought a 50 litre backpack for Southeast Asia. I will be travelling for a few months and feel like the backpack is a tight squeeze.

I’m considering getting a 65 litre one instead so that I have a little more room as well as a smaller backpack in front to carry essentials.

Can anyone recommend what size backpack to bring for about a 4 month trip?

Many thanks in advance.

Post by Kolby »

The less you bring, the happier you will be. Seriously, bring as little as possible.

Post by Sian »

Always travel light - it's one of the joys! It will be physically and mentally far easier to take the bare minimum. You really do not need the vast majority of what you currently have in your bag!

Post by Anthony »

Honestly I wish mine was smaller. I have a 70 (55+15). Since being out here I reckon I use about 50L worth of the bag now, it was full when I came. The 15l day bag is kept empty when moving locations. I shipped a lot of stuff back home and gave some other stuff away. I’d say keep it as small as you can, and you could probably get away with bringing less than you plan to, I and so many other first timers bring stuff that never gets used or worn.

Post by Tatiana »

We got a 45 liter hoping we would not have to check in bags however, carry on here is only 7kg, about 15 pounds. So in the end we probably would have preferred the 65l to bring more stuff... But if I'm honest, we really don't need much more. It would just be nice to have the extra space.

Post by Ruby »

I travelled 6 months around central america with 65L and 15L and it was fine. I honestly believe you should bring what YOU want to bring not what other people say you should. So what if I bring 12 different dresses, it's my choice to carry them. of course there is a line where you can take too much but I think that is obvious! enjoy your trip.

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Hello! I really don't think you need a big backpack on Southeast Asia. It's generally hot and humid here, you don't need alot of clothing. I'm from Singapore and generally in this part of the world, people dress more casually. And there are cheap options here if u need to get things on the go.
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