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I didn't want to swap sims every time i crossed a border so I tried an esim from Airalo . Pretty good, have travelled. Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam have no probs

 I got the sea SIM. £16 for 5g over a month . A bit pricey but does the job.

If you want one check your phone can take one . Must be newish phone  galaxy s21 , Motorola RAZR . Think it tells you how to check on Airalos web page

I always go in airplane mode when not in use so my UK SIM does not try to connect but you can disable it in setting just leaving e.sim working if required

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I have airalo as back up.

and it’s really good. Mine was 37 Euro or USD for a month.

However, local sims are very useful especially if you need a number for Grab or apps.

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Thanks for sharing. Although local SIM cards can be got on average for about $5 with unlimited or 30GB of data for the month. More suitable for most travellers.
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