I’m travelling SEA soon

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Post by Guest »

I’ve seen everyone recommends to take 1x comfortable trainers and 1x comfy sandals

I’m really not and have never been a sandal person! On holidays I’ve always just worn trainers or sliders.

I’m debating on whether I need sandals? And if so, I’m thinking either birkenstocks / crocs but I’m really torn… or shall I just wait until I get there?

Does anyone have any advice please? (Such a silly thing to stress about I know).

Post by Johannes »

Wear them trainers! Just look out for blisters etc. Gone to the beach with socks and converse myself too if I've had a longer distance to the beach to walk.

Post by Guy »

Take the minimum, buy there if you need. The only exception to this would be sunscreen.

Post by Madison »

Tons of people rocking Crocs and birks here! Don't overthink it. With the heat you probably won't want to be putting on socks. Also Its Rainey season here in Bali and my sneakers are fabric so I've not worn them once. When it rains it RAINS.

Post by Jane »

Wait until you get there, there’s plenty of footwear to choose from. If you’re not a sandal person I’d go with crocs, it’s hot your feet are gonna wanna breathe.

Post by Mathew »

I'm not a sandal person either. I brought good trainers and purchased a cheap pair of flip flops and use them in hostel showers and the beach. Little tip I keep them in a old plastic bread loft bag perfect fit when traveling inside my backpack.

Post by Gudrun »

I bought the rubber version of Birkenstocks and have worn them almost exclusively in the last 3 months. Trainers I only wear when we’re doing hikes. My sandals are deep down on my backpack and I‘ve worn them once.

Post by Sandy »

Just take what you'd wear in summer at home. I'm not sure why people change their way of dressing when travelling unless it's a completely different climate. I wear thongs and a pair of converse that I wear at home. Just a heads up when I was in Vietnam I couldn't buy any ladies shoes to fit. I'm a Euro 41 and they only go up to 40. Same with the women's clothing, nothing fit.

Post by Daisy »

I wear Kokomo sandals from Mountain warehouse, they have a grippy walking shoe sole but aren't really ugly when you have them on as the straps are quite narrow. They are also okay to wear with smarter shorts and dresses and are really comfortable.

Post by Lauren »

I brought some trainers and my crocs and paper thin slip on sandals for the evening when I want to dress up a abit, I’ve worn all equally, when I’m not wearing one pair I stuff my pjs or something in them to maintain space saving! But I’d deffo recommend one of each max xx

Post by Gabrielle »

My perfect shoe trifecta is 1 pair of trainers, 1 pair of waterproof tevas (have straps - good for shower, any water activity, hiking as well), and one pair of sandals (I use rainbows and they’re very comfortable to walk in and throw on, birks work too). I used all 3 a lot!

Post by Rachel »

I would say get some tevas! So comfy lightweight - and you can walk big distances in them without your feet getting too hot / blisters.
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