Does running Google Ads increase SEO ranking?

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No, two different functions. Ads are a way to buy your way to be above the top organic rankings. Ppc can be an excellent marketing tool depending on your business.

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Not directly, meaning if you simply paid for ads your rankings aren't going to magically or instantly improve.
But behavior is a ranking factor so if it generated more behavior it could have a non-direct impact resulting in better rankings.

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Yes, ads can drive up rankings but indirectly. Can help with indexing as well. Especially for Branded search. As ads increase awareness then so do social signals. Its called a halo effect. Not directly but organic will grow as ads grow. Its taught to send social traffic ads to new pages to signal to Google. Our team drips ads to new articles we want to index and rank faster. Ads may increase organic sales but it wont always increase ranks. For position you will still do typical SEO work.

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For the people saying no. So the traffic from the ads has no impact on how Google ranks pages? That one click could lead to many clicks to other pages, longer times on pages, to longer interactions/downloads on a page. And you think Google doesn't take any of that into consideration on how it ranks those pages?

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Sending traffic to your site will help to guide Google on how users are interacting with your page / the user journey overall and understand the page quality better.

This is a ranking factor, so I would say yes but indirectly.

If your website has a terrible UI and you obtain a very high bounce rate from ads which is related to the user experience (e.g. in your ad you're selling a product, but there's no details relative to that product on your landing page), you could expect a small drop off in organic visitors over time. So I would ensure the foundation is setup for success and then your ads are creating the expected user journey prior to starting your ads campaign.

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If you went through the Yandex source code that was leaked recently tells that paid traffic is a ranking factor. But I can't te ll you if this also applicable for Google. But keep this in mind that a real business is getting traffic through search engines. Paid ads and social media as well. So, you got a good point. Thanks
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