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.. Is it better to create an entirely new website when rebranding a company, or should we change the existing site and everything in it?

I’m not experienced in SEO at all so sorry if this is a dumb question.

Post by Mark »

Probably shouldn’t be doing SEO if you’re inexperienced with it. answer is if you build a new site you have to set up redirects if you are not keeping certain pages but you’d want to keep it on the same domain.

Post by Ron »

I would pose a series of questions that would ultimately answer your question, the first of which being, is the current site simply outdated, not responsive (mobile-friendly), sluggish, ugly? If the answer is yes, then my answer is new site.

Post by Jana »

The first thing you’d need to know to inform your decision is the SEO performance and domain authority/backlink profile of the current site. If the current site is crushing it, I’d opt to carefully and strategically update it without changing the elements contributing to the current positive performance. If it’s terrible, green light to start over!

Post by Pritam »

Depends on how your current website is. If it has good user experience and you get good traffic then why not just change the current one? If the website is not up to the mark then go with a new website. Go with Wordpress, it’s the best platform and you can also learn it easily.

Post by Shawn »

You need a technical audit that looks at server all the way to sitemap and rankings. From there you can figure out a plan. Anyone telling you what to do without this data is simply insane.
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