What is the future of SEO consultants?

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Will it be replaced by AI completely in 3-4 years?

Post by Thane »

Yes, and "SEO experts" will become "aio experts". there will be an entire industry of AIO gurus, selling their scam courses on FB "become an AIO expert in 1 week"... Businesses will scramble to find a AIO pro to optimize their AI ranks, people will be selling "AI backlinks" on fiverr... Basically nothing changes

Post by Jim »

Time will tell.... but there are way too many "SEO Experts" and all too many are scammers. People may perceive AI as more reliable and "trustworthy".

Post by Kevin »

The "SEO experts" will be phased out. The true SEO experts will not.

Post by Alicia »

SEO has been constantly changing since the beginning of the Internet. If you change with the times, you'll always have work. If you refuse to change with the times, you will become obsolete sooner than later.

Post by Mohammed »

I believe it won't affect legitimate SEO experts. Since true ones are really updated on Trends. We know to get in to any New waves.

For your information google has introduced Ai Bard yesterday and we are on it
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