I have a client who needs to get some extremely old, defamatory content removed from the internet

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I submitted removal requests to Google, and they were denied. I also have submitted requests to the webmasters, and no response.

Does anyone have any advice or LEGIT recommendations?

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It sounds like they want it more than buried, they want it entirely gone from existence online. In Europe, you can more easily have Google/Bing remove it. In the US, there is no way for it to be removed entirely without 1) getting the site that has it hosted to delete it 2) getting the laws changed within the US. Number 1 may be impossible if the site owner won't respond or isn't able to be bought. Number 2 seems unlikely in the short term. It's best just to explain this to the client the limitations of existing law.

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Hire a service that specialises in this stuff - only way.

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  1. Talking with the owner of the website, if that doesn't work - pay him.
  2. If number one doesn't work, use hosting whois checker to find who is hosting the website and report abuse to their hosting by using their abuse email.

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Build a bunch of new content like press releases, blogs, and content from all over. Rank them and bury it.
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