Flesh out the details, then give life to that idea. You are a creator, from the Creator

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And you have the potential to operate at maximum levels of creativity. Supernatural things. World-creating kind of inspiration.

You get?

I'm from the school of thought that believes that everybody is creative.

Even serial killers are creative. They search, ambush, and kill their victims creatively. Even though it is sick.

So everybody is creative, it's just a matter of what you want to create. Good or bad.

Some governments (wink wink) are notoriously popular for creating unemployment. Some people create social networks for people to interact.

Some people create games for people to relax. Some organizations create drought, just so they can tax.

Good or bad. Everyone is creative.

Everybody is a creator.

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I think that is a misuse of the word creator. There is destruction and there is creation. There has to be destruction before there can be creation however, the universe is constantly recycling itself. Wars destroy, and then things get rebuilt. Forests burn and then grow again.

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Nice way to put the creativity in place.
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