I'm getting the funny feeling the Cloud owns all of our work, whether we like it or not

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I just got the new MS Word, as my old one had expired. I open up things I'd intentionally been saving not to the cloud, but to the hard drive. Now it says I need permission from myself to open edit my stuff.

I looked through and saw that everything I'd written for the past year in my journal was gone. even stuff I'd saved a day earlier.

Am I the only one creeped out by this stuff?

Post by Laura »

I’ve stopped writing on Google Docs entirely. I use email. I print out my first drafts. I save everything three times between my hard drive, emails, and external drives.

Post by Michael »

Never, ever saved anything to the cloud. Always save my work to flash drives, sometimes to two. I printed out my first novel as well, just in case.

Post by Denise »

It's just a recovery security requirement.
No need to get freaked out.

Post by Rose »

I never save anything to the cloud. I backup my work constantly to thumb drives every time I make edits. I also print out hard copies. I have a laser printer so it doesn't cost that much. I like to edit from hard copies anyway as my eyes are sensitive to the glare of the computer.

Post by Jayasty »

I think you should be able to find your recent works in MS Word doc. Just try to write the name of the word file and see if it shows up. Obviously, you cannot get all the hard work that you've done in the past. Also, try if you can upload those files to google drive and see if you are able to edit them.

Post by Guy »

I really don't like cloud solutions for anything but collaboration and backup. I definitely don't like automated software updates, and they are even harder to avoid.
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