I need my 2 main characters to gain some respect from a gang of city dwellers

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OK I have a small plot hole. I need my 2 main characters to gain some respect from a gang of city dwellers (think dystopian city landscape/people just trying to survive - these people are tough). My FMC has the ability to manipulate the element of air (the MMC is a basic trained soldier - no huge skills).

My main thought is to have a child get into some life threatening situation and the main characters save them thus gaining respect and future allies (huge plot point).

Other than falling from a height which seems too predictable in my mind, what other danger would this kid possibly get into that would require my character to use her ability to save them?

Thanking you in advance!

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If it’s dystopian, the kid could have a “breathing sickness” aka asthma.

And, the air bender allows the kid to breathe in the moment.

Meanwhile, the soldier teaches the community how to make basic anti-inflammatory medicines, while promising to bring them more comprehensive reading material in the future.

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Depending on the variety of Dystopia the child could be chases by some goons (government or otherwise) and the mc uses their powers to draw attention and draw the goons away so the child can escape at the cost of putting her own life in danger.

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Have a gang leader a close individual with them. Like family member or a friend or a lover. Then use that for the abduction or something then make the mcs look for them with the gang leader so the gang leader will see their potential

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They either are drowning and your MC manipulates the air to rescue them, or they have drowned an your MC forces the water from their lungs to resuscitate them.

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I think this has been done before, but have the gang be invaded in which your MCs repelled successfully (I could only think them as competent survivors).

Then the soldier will be like "Now that we repelled them, they will surely come back with greater forces. Let's gather materials, build weapons and fortifications... If you want to live... thats it".

For the FMCs power, well, it's about magnitude. If she could control winds strong and accurate enough to pierce eardrums that would be sick.

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Trapped in a burning building: The child could be trapped in a burning building and the FMC could use her ability to control the air flow to create a safe passage for the child to escape.

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If your character can do all that, can't she just demonstrate her powers before them and say she's a demi-god or an angel or something?

Become their hero and they'll love you until the good mood passes. Become their god and they'll love you for generations.
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