I have a question about applying for grants, fellowships, competitions, etc

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I'm looking at one that requires a detailed novel synopsis with an excerpt. I'm not finished with the book, and I don't have everything planned out. I'm more of a pantser, and just the idea of trying to write an outline is draining my creative energy.

Would it be terrible to just explain this and omit the synopsis? Is there an acceptable alternative?

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You can submit what you want, but if the criteria is a synopsis that is how they are evaluating submissions and you will most likely be put aside in the initial round. In my opinion, you would be better off finishing the novel and then applying if you aren’t able to complete the synopsis at this time.

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You’re ignoring the criteria, so you will likely get rejected. Sorry, I know that’s blunt.

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"...one that requires a detailed novel synopsis with an excerpt.."

They likely expect the book to be done. If yours isn't done, then it seems that you don't qualify for this one.

I know that a synopsis might feel like a daunting task, but it's part of the writing process. You just need to get used to writing it. If you're not sure how... there are lots of great videos on Youtube that can help. Abbie Emmonds I think has info on writing a synopsis...Good luck.

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Do the elevator pitch. Pretend you are in an elevator and have two minutes to tell the story.
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