My character not falling into a coma but he's unconcious for a few days

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Hello, someone, anyone help me please..

So I have a scenario where my character was stabbed in his waist and was hit in his head. The stab wound is nothing serious, but I'm planning for my character to fall into a coma for a few days bcs of his head injury. Is it possible for a patient to fall into a coma just because of a concussion?


My character not falling into a coma BUT he's unconcious for a few days, say 2-3 days, because of his head injury?

I already tried making a research about it many times but I just can't get the right information.

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Yes, they can fall into a coma from a blow to the head. BUT, you can't have them just wake up and shake it off. They will have sustained some neurological damage, maybe permanent.

This is also an overused trope used in TV and movies, where someone gets punched and goes unconscious, only to wake minutes or hours later (depending on what the plot needs) and just shaking it off. Anything blow strong enough to knock someone out is going to do damage.

I am not a medical expert or anything, but this is my understanding of it.

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I would have drs err on the side of caution and play the head injury as a possible Traumatic Brain Injury. Do a little research but I think they might induce coma if there is a lot of intracranial pressure from the injury.

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I was a nurse. It is possible to be in a coma from a head injury, but it depends on the area of the head and how serious it was. Coma is not good for head injuries, no slight thing.

The stab wound isn't good either unless it's just a small stab wound, but anything that goes in deeper causes some serious internal bleeding and can kill, depending on where it goes.

The stab wounds almost always cause serious problems with movement and breathing, not wanting to move around, and can end in pneumonia. It's not like the movies. You might do some medical research on comas and stab wounds.

In fact, unless it's a personal experience, it's a good idea to research almost everything you use when writing.

Also, a class I took even says to research our own life and times if it's our story or anyone's story. Lots to learn about the things we write about.
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