Playing with the idea of "guardian angel" for a story

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A story with a twist.

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Make it an earthbound guardian angel, like Blade Runner and The Prophecy. A horror story, like del Toro would write. A codependent guardian angel with anger issues. Always makes it about himself

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I've written about Guardian angels in the past. And just know they're well known to not exist. Do what you want with that fact.

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Like the guardian angel was there to throw you out of harms fun fun...I would love to see/ read how you swing caught my interest....

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Wrote a romance a lifetime ago where she thought he was an angel but he was really a Chicago cop. Not sure I could get away with the deception part of it though 

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Well if I didn't need my guardian angel right now, you could borrow mine. The stories mine could tell you, but I'm not through being dumb yet!🤣..... great story idea though.
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