A local bookstore is wanting to sell my book. I published through KDP. How does that work?

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Do I order them at my author discount (which is $4.16 per book, plus shipping) and give them to the store to sell? It retails from Amazon at $14.95 plus shipping. What do I need to sell them to the store for?

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Most small stores prefer consignment over having to put money into buying your books from KDP. It's a little more paperwork, but leaves them with better cash flow. Ask them. I put my books in several different venues. I give the store a list of the books and what I need for them...the store marks the price up to what they need to make. If I need $10 each, often the store price is $12.00. But, ask the store.

Keep a list of how many of each you leave and when you restock, be sure to note it. You will need an accounting if you ever need to remove the books.

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You also need to make sure that you purchased the ISBN number outside of Amazon. I've heard of some issues arriving with that.

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Ensure the shop minimum price point is at least your cost price. Don’t lose money in transaction if they put it on special offer!

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Some stores can order from KDPs expanded distribution. Have them check into that. That way you keep your stock.

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I have nothing to add bc I am not at that point yet in my author journey, but I am following this thread and saving it!
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