Writing any lgbtq book (wlw) what would you like for friends to lover

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What you have will be appreciated..

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Don’t make being gay their whole identity like certain people do, while bashing others. It makes for a boring read and gets old fast and won’t appeal to the larger audience, even within the community.

For example, the movie Bros BOMBED because it was uninteresting bashing fest who’s whole identity was being gay. Then you have well written story like the Last of Us episode 3. It was about two men (who just so happened to be gay) surviving the apocalypse, and received much praise.

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Is that a question? I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're asking.

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A realistic transition from friends to lovers, that is, the characters have to realise their romantic and/or sexual feelings in a way that feels real

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Look at any mainstream hetero romance and make it gay. Even if the story has been done a million times before with a straight couple, it hasn't been done a million times for queer romance.

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If you are brainstorming for a new book to write, try googling romantic tropes and look for any interesting enemies to lovers ones. I have found quite a few helpful blog posts.
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