I make too many grammatical errors, hence my books don't sell well, any advice my dear writers!?

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note: I am broke..

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Study English and improve your grammar. Others have already suggested using editors and proofreaders.

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Editors/proofreaders are essential. Even if your grammar is top notch, having one just to be sure you didn't let any mistakes slip through is the best option.

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You shouldn't be publishing a book with so many errors in it. Since you are self-publishing, you really need to hire a professional editor.

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You shouldn't be trying to sell a manuscript that's not finished. Writing the book is only half the journey. After writing you need to have it edited. You need to have beta readers. Probably more editing and then formatted. All before you list it for sale, and if you rush and skip all those steps you're not going to sell books.

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Have you tried the 145 method?

For every day you spend writing you spend 4 days editing, and 5 days marketing.

Writing is only 10% of being a successful writer.

…and have your manuscript professionally edited before publishing.

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Just write a short note in the front cover stating that the errors are purposely placed in order to show a middle finger to conformity and that any errors identify as being grammatically correct. You'll be a best seller in a matter of days.

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Grammarly or ProWritngAid open as you write. Not all "suggestions" will work for what you want to say (or how you want to say it)...but either program will SHOW you where you need to make changes. Each has a free version that will take care of basics.

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Try a spelling and grammar app... Grammarly is a pain to get through but it'll pick up 99%. Depending on your writing style, switch off checking options you're often guilty of. Like even with Word, I have to omit the 'fragment' option. Fragments are my fave

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Get an editor! I always use an editor for my own writing even though I am an editor with over 30 years’ experience. If English isn’t your first language I’d always use an editor who can put it into natural sounding English that is appropriate for your market. Good luck!
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