How long did it take you to write your first book? Any tips?

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I don't really have a goal because idk what goals I need to reach in order for me to have a finished book tbh

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7 years - but it is a memoir and it took time to process what happened - also time to develop my craft. I was gathering feedback from critique partners as I went. Then 1 year of revision and editing.

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It took me a year to complete a 77k words debut novel. Had a writers block for two months in between but didn't give up. I wrote the first draft on Wattpad, I met amazing writers who gave me positive criticism, and feedbacks. The writing community in Wattpad gave me the boost I needed.

My second book a fantasy story, took over eight years to complete book one, working on the second book now.

Now I write short stories and comic scripts.

It's been a long, journey of developing thick skin, learning and growing.

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My first book took me almost a year. I wrote paragraphs daily chapters daily. I was passionate about it because it's an animal I'm passionate about. This one I'm working on now. Is taking me a bit longer I'm committed to making this book part of a series so things have to go just right.

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Don’t measure time, and don’t count words. It’s done when it’s done. It will be either a novel, a short story, or a poem.

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Seven years and five days. I had been writing and publishing articles, personal narrative and short stories for 7 yrs by the time I wrote the first draft of my first children’s early chapter book Meeting Miss 405 in five days. Every word and all the time I had spent writing other things went into that first book. Every word counts, IMO.

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Are you suggesting that I need to actually finish writing the book? I didn't know that was a thing.

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Try to set a small goal just to write daily. 250 words, 500 words. If you get flowing keep it going but do the minimum at least* add more if that's not enough. 500x365=182,500. It's all about making the time and doing SOMETHING

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Mine was in about 10 months, editing along the way. It's taken another month to do a crash self study course on how to get it ready to publish and market. But I only work 20hrs per week and don't have kids. Another commenter suggested setting a daily goal. Good advice. If you're enjoying yourself, you'll find the time flits by.

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My first book took me around 2 months and that too I used to write in a go and not daily. If you can sit down and write in a go, then you should be able to close your book in a month or so. Take out some time for it and flush all your thoughts into it.

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It depends on how you are writing on, it's different according to what you are writing weather fiction, reality, even your imagination, some books need more information about more deeper understanding and research, write from your heart, so time doesn't matter, just write to the end, every day of your life it's keeps on bringing more thoughts about what you are writing, see things in different ways, don't compare yourself with other writers write on your own pace it's worth by the end.
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