I’m wanting to breathe new life into my writing practice. Can anyone recommend some prompts?

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Any enlivening methods or ideas would be appreciated.

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What do you feel like your writing practice is missing? Ideas? A good routine? Motivation? Writing prompts and journaling are incredibly helpful exercises, so long as you're not using them to avoid what's really going on with your writing practice. I often offer two writing prompts to my clients when they are feeling stuck. One creative and the other more direct. For example, in your case, I'd offer these two prompts:

1. What does your story's main character think as they wait for you to figure out your writing routine? What advice might they have for you so you can get back to them? (Creative).

2. When you look at your writing routine as a whole, what's been working really well for you? What aspects of the routine are weighing you down? What aspects of a writing routine do you feel are missing? (Direct).

Sometimes, just seeing our thoughts on paper can give us new perspectives. Best of luck!

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If I think I'm getting stale or a story simply isn't working, I put it down. Take a break and enjoy life for a while.
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