Looking for a good detangling brush

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My hair is getting longer but more tangled. Have looked online but there is so many out there and many different prices. Does any one have any recommendations.

Thank you

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Wide tooth comb is all you need, I always brush from the underneath up.

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A mason and Pearson boar brush with nylon bristles is the Cadillac of brushes. Nylon for detangling and bristle to spread the oils down. Not cheap but your hair is your crowning glory and it’s worth the cost of a few bottles of wine. I’ve had mine for 60 years and you can send it to be refurbished. Make sure you get the real thing and not a knockoff.


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I wouldn't ever put a BRUSH near my wet tangled hair! Try a wide tooth comb much better for your hair. GHD do a brilliant range of combs and styling brushes once your hair is combed through. Although you can pick up wide combs in B&M or Home Bargains as well as super markets. I leave one hanging in my shower too.
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