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Sorry, quick request for help as panicking and can't see how to get this refunded. Amazon took out £95 membership fee and put me over drawn (hence the panic). I have a student membership. How do I get my refund request and pay my student membership instead. There was no warning and for some reason they've jumped from student to full.

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Give them a call or use the online chat. They are usually really good.

Post by Karen »

Speak to them and they will refund.

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Give them a call, they're very fast as sorting things out. I think when I had a student membership it only lasted so long and I 'think' I had to resend proof for it to renew or it went to a full membership.

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If you go online chat they are very efficient, twice my children have said yes to music unlimited and we have had to cancel.

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Just ring them, or go on the online chat. Explain why you want a refund, then cancel prime. I had prime and they were supposed to send me a reminder, they didn’t. They gave a full refund.

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Wow seems like they've done this to a lot of people. That's a lot of money in their accounts. Even if its a short while. Everyone seems to be happy with a refund but should be questioning how/why it happened and getting some recompense.
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