Can anyone recommend any budget friendly brands of face creams and other toiletries..

This board has been created to share any money saving ideas, tips and hints. Please contribute your thoughts so everybody can economise on their budgets.. This is NOT a selling site.

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.. that are as natural as possible without too many chemicals etc. I don't want to make my own and coconut oil on its own is too greasy for me.


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CeraVe is great and if you get a boots advantage card/app you can collect points, save them and use them to purchase them when you reach a certain amount.

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If I was on a very tight budget I would just use SKINN brand body butter and use it on my face and body. I have done this before. Now I am more financial I also use the Dermapeal, age reset serum and the manuka oil (all SKINN brand).

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I went from No 7 to E45 moisturiser pump bottle £4.99 from Home bargains, then Nivea the white tub, blue nivea is thick but will have to do for now as I'm using what's I've got.

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Naturally active range from Superdrug is good and fairly economical they quite often have BOGOf offers too so you can double up.

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Unsure how natural it is but the best face oil I have ever used is aldis rose face oil! When I see it I buy loads!
I’ve used oils that are £50 a bottle and they don’t come anywhere close to the Aldi version.

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Superdrug brand is very good especially their vitamin E range.

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Both Boots and Superdrug have basic brands suitable for sensitive skin. They are good value and good products. I always use them as did my mum (and she had lovely skin right up until the day she passed, so they obviously worked).

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Vanicream daily facial moisturizer for sensitive skin. Free of dyes, fragrance, masking fragrance, lanolin, parabens, formaldehyde and other preservatives. Non-comedogenic gluten free.

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I use rosehip oil as a face oil. 3-4 drops each time. I got a bottle from amazon for about £9 and it'll last me a year as long as it's kept out of sunlight. Otherwise I love ethique- they don't seem the cheapest, but their stuff lasts ages and if you buy from their site they have a generous rewards points system and a free product with every order x

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Oats and honey. :idea:

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Oats and honey. :idea:
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