I subscribe to Netflix atm, but I'm unhappy with how often they cancel shows

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.. Can anyone recommend another streaming service to subscribe to?

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Disney+ - I moved there from Netflix after there never being anything to watch on there.

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I suggest you investigate the various apps on your TV , for instance UKTV player, C4, BBC iPlayer, Pluto TV and YouTube, there are in fact quite a few and even though I have Amazon Prime there is plenty to watch without paying for any more.

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Disney plus and amazon prime. We're cancelling Netflix as they plan on fining users for extra devices.

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Amazon prime have whole series on and will take like s3 of s4 offline bring it bk n make u pay for it then completely take s4 off while you're watching s3. Never to have it back. U not only pay 8.99 for sub but you also pay for series films etc.

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Paramount+ x
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