Can anyone recommend a streaming device in replacement that would be cheaper and better value for money?

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My contact with Sky is coming to an end in April and I want to quit it. In total it's costing £64 a month: £44 for sky TV and £20 for broadband and phonecalls. This includes Netflix as a deal package.

Btw free sat isn't an option in my area because I'm too rural.

Can anyone recommend a streaming device in replacement that would be cheaper and better value for money? I've been looking at:
  • Roku stick
  • Amazon Fire stick
  • Now TV
I'm open to other suggestions too.


Post by Gerard »

  • Iptv
  • Fire stick then get IPTV
  • Amazon fire stick

Post by Carol »

Go through to sky cancellations, you will be able to get a much better deal from them. We managed to half our bill when we said we were going to cancel.

Post by Alicia »

Get a fire stick. I coikdnt have sky in the house we are in now when we moved because I couldn't get a signal so they couldn't fit it. Been without it 3 years and don't miss it.

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Buy a lg smart tv then you can have free sat through your sky dish and plenty of catch-up apps to choose from on the tv like now tv Netflix Amazon

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I have a chromecast stick which goes into the hdmi port and then I can stream anything from my phone. I pay for disney and Netflix and prime, as well as utilising bbc iplayer, ITV, channel 4 app etc. YouTube can also be streamed.

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I would have thought you could have had Freeview.

We also have a firestick to stream players (ITV, BBC, my 5 etc) and we subscribe to netflix and Disney plus. I also have Amazon prime.

Post by Mike »

Confused on the freesat bit as its satellite so shouldn’t make and difference.

But anyway smart tv and broadband is all you need we live very rurally and that’s all we have as had no tv aerials and moved in at the start of lockdown. Currently we subscribe to Netflix and Prime and everything else is just free via the smart tv.

Our broadband is currently via Vodafone for £22 a month 100mb I think maybe 200

Post by Karen »

Always phone sky to see if they can lower the bill. Give them an idea of how much you want to pay and they seem to find a package. I have the same problem that I can't get live TV without a dish.

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Now TV is sky and just has some of the general channels.. We found that if you leave after each monthly voucher saying u can't afford it then they usually give you a good deal.
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