I have Sky broadband phone and TV

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.. it's going up to 84 pounds a month in April I said if I want to cancel my contract he said it would be 300 pounds cancellation I don't want to start a new contract any idea how I can get round this..


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I'm sure the maximum they can charge, £250ish.
If I remember. That's why firms offer you cash to transfer.

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If they up the prices the 'cooling off' period comes in to effect and you can indeed cancel without paying an exit fee. I'd look up your rights and then go back to them. Stand firm.

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I think your allowed to leave penalty free when they up the price. Look on Martin Lewis’s website x

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What current price do you pay? Is the annual increase from April? Always best to know when each element of your contract runs to, many don’t run concurrently. Speak to the Values Team - always helpful and I’ve always been able to get a lower price when needed.

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I think you can change providers without penalty if they put up your price during your contract period.

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Ring and ask to cancel tv and change to Freesat, still get basic tv but less channels, no films/sport etc. I did last year but they just reduced my package to basic for new 18 mth contract £42 instead of £66

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Virgin is going up £7 per month but it says in a email you can leave your contact due to the price increase. I’ve sorted mine out last week and it works out £1 cheaper than before.+ no price increase in April.

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To protect the consumer, these contracts should be capped at one year (they are slowly creeping up to tie us in for longer). Who is supposed to be looking after the customers?
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