Has anyone used an online glasses company such as glasses direct?

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Wondering what people's experiences have been and if it's a good idea to buy as it's cheaper than in store.


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I can highly recommend Vooglam. Got my prescription specs in a funky pair of frames. I get stopped & asked about them regularly. Cost me around £50, my prescription lenses being the main cost.

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I’ve had a couple of pairs of varifocals, excellent service and glasses and so much cheaper.

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I use them all the time, my dog has destroyed a few pairs of glasses so I refuse to pay lots for them.
I've used glasses direct and select specs and actually get complements on them.

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I have for readers but my husband always uses Glasses Direct for his varietals. He has the top of the range for driving, and Reactalight added, thin lenses and all for over £100 less than the Boots cheapest varietals with no additions. He's used them for years and never had a problem. Highly recommended

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Another thing you have to be careful off, both of used spec savers for years and were told me needed varifocal lenses but we have since found out that is not the case and only need readers now. Brilliant optician at Asda who used to work in ophthalmology in a hospital so obviously knows his stuff.
Spec savers should be renamed spec ripoff imo

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Zenni here.
Use for the 1st time. No line bifocal. Usually cost $400-$450, I got a pair of adorable glasses for $132 delivered to my house!
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