How do you pick up eggs on the floor?

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Just saying.. Many people have dropped eggs on the kitchen floor. Easy to pick up by putting a slice of bread on top. It soaks up the egg Much better than trying to use a cloth.. Works every time ...

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It does work and is a good idea but it wastes food and when trying to save costs I think a reusable cloth is better than wasting food xx

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& then wack it in a frying pan for a bonus slice of eggy bread... 

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Labrador but mind the pattern on the floor they'll lick that off too.

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I saved a lot of money just going vegan. I home cook everything. We do a whole foods plant based diet so no processed stuff that is expensive (like imitation meat etc) we buy things like organic rice and lentils in bulk and save a ton.

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My dog would be horrified. Any food dropped on floor, no matter what, even raw eggs, belongs to him!

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My twins were 7 when we got an Aussie puppy never had a problem with food under the dining table after
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