Andrex toilet paper (12) pack £8 whatever in B&Ms

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.. since when, just been on Amazon and ordered 72 for £29.25 and delivery tomorrow, that's one hell of a saving in my eyes.

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In Farmfoods you csn get 4 packs of 18 for £22

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I feel like every time I buy something a couple of weeks later there is at least between 5p and 20p been added onto the price, god knows how we are all going to cope if the prices keep rising.

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What about the cheapest fully recycled eco- bog roll? Tesco stuff was fairly cheap but they seem to have stopped it..

Don't want trees cut down just so I can wipe when better options are available.

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I go to pound stretches or trago mills because you can get 48 rolls of toilet paper for 7.00 or trago sells 24 rolls for 6.00

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Costco own brand Kirkland best toilet rolls in my opinion.

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I prefer Nicky toilet roll from Home Bargains... 32 rolls for £9.49.
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