I've just tried to purchase clubcard vouchers for the Senior Railcard on Tesco App

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.. I've got one but need one for my partner.

Anyone know if I can do this at it couldn't process the second.


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This may not apply to you Paul. Just to say that having a hearing aid qualifies you for a disabled rail pass which not only gives you a discount but also covers for a “ carer” travelling with you. I get mine using the Tesco vouchers and this allows me and my husband great discounts.

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I manged to do it but was pre covid an I afraid I can't recall how I did it sorry.

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Yeah you should be able to do it. You need to transfer your vouchers for the Railcard then about 15 minutes later you get a QR code to buy the Railcard. I've bought a disabled one and family and friends one recently with my points x
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