I did a like for like comparison between my shop at Aldi and what it would have cost at Asda

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So, just out of curiosity I did a like for like comparison between my shop at Aldi and what it would have cost at Asda... The difference was £13.25p. Asda was £13.25p more expensive! On a week's shopping..

That's a lot!

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I did this and found them to be the same, give or take a few pennies. Maybe it depends what you're buying.

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Meat from Aldi is awful, the quality isn’t the same as other supermarkets. Definitely couldn’t do my shop there.

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I have started using Asda app. I look out for the star products each week and have now swopped from Lidl to Asda for weeks shopping. Since mid December I have managed to save 75.00 on my app and used that voucher for shopping and added £75 onto a savings card. Christmas is going to be a doddle.

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I was using asda every week and getting it delivered. It was getting more and more expensive each week. I then did a like for like shop with tesco online and saved myself nearly £15!! These werent promotional offers either. I cancelled my delivery pass with asda.

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I went to Tescos the other day to buy their own brand cat food pouches which I paid £10.50 for only last week and it had gone up to £12.60 blooming robbery that quite an increase in price ..needless to say I didn't buy it

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People often complain about the fruit and veg not lasting long from Aldi, but I've never had a problem other than occasionally berries.

We eat a whole foods plant based diet, so a loooooot of fruit and veg and honestly we could easily save a week £15-20 buying from Aldi or Lidl compared to Tesco.

Maybe people have unrealistic expectations for how long fresh produce should last, and perhaps it's worth wondering what stores might do to artificially prolong the shelf life of produce.

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Aldi might be cheapest (and I think it probably is) but still lots of things have gone up again since Christmas. Eg their bottles of cordial, were 99p then went to £1.09 at Christmas they were £1.29, I bought a bottle today and it is now £1.49!

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I have started buying just for the meals I’m making…so make up a menu of 7 days meals…using up what I already have first, then only shop for the items to finish the meals…I’m deffo making sure I use all my veg now rather than re buying just because I usually do!

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I know people complain about Aldi fruit and vegetables but this is the bit I don't understand, I know some of the local farmers and I've seen the vegetables being packed they come out the same field, on the same day as Tesco's, Co-op, Sainsbury's and Lidl. Morrison has their own farm.

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I shop at tesco. They do aldi price match on lots of products and their quality is much better. Plus you can collect clubcard points which you can then use towards your shopping or triple it in value and use it with their partner companies, such food places, safari parks, sea life centres etc.

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The problem with these price comparisons is that no-one EVER gets the same basket of shopping as anyone else. So the best value shop is entirely dependent on what you as a consumer, actually BUY.
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