I started writing and stopped.. I need motivation

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Please, I need motivation. I started writing and stopped for several months now; how can I continue.

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I'm having this problem myself. Wrote the sequel to my first book in a couple of months then immediately started on the third book, got 30k words into it and lost all motivation. I need to start writing again. I've been trying to get these books down for ten dang years.

Anyhow, if I figure out a way to motivate myself, I'll share the inspiration. In the meantime, good luck!

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If you mean continue with the same project... try plotting it out, so you know the end and where you're heading. If you mean continue writing generally... sometimes we need to refill the creative well by taking a break to absorb some new experiences until we start to fill up again with things to write about.

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Find something that excites you about your work. A particular scene or character etc. write about that, regardless of where it falls in the story. Let everything else hinge on this.

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